Week#36 (18)

What Happend?

I have always wanted a silk teddy bear with a red ribbon around it’s neck. One day ,with no explanation, it came! “When did it arrive?” I said.

The transporter couldn’t speek. He was pale and spooked. “What happend?” I wondered. “Did he encounter something?

After my mum put me to bed, I grabbed my flash light and looked out the window for anything strange. THERE! A creature in the dark night! Was that the creature that spooked the transporter? What was it? Where did it come from? How did it get here? That, I might never know.

100 Word Challenge Week#33 (18)


“Max! Don’t you dare throw that thing at me!” I yelled.

“Too late!”  Max shouted back.

Max chucked a small, round, spiky ball at me.  It hit me. Just then I started itching like crazy!!! Max threw another itch bomb at me. “Max you are in so much trouble!” I screamed in fury and lobbed the itch bomb straight back at him.

“Ha! Ha! Take that!” I smirked, still itching.

Suddenly,  Max started itching even more than I did! “OH YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT!!!” He screeched.

“Oh will I?” I asked.

Then I ran, laughing. 

T.V. vs Books

I strongly believe that T.V. is much better than boring old books, because you can relax, have enough light and be plenty entertaining!

Most of the time, my eyes get very tired of scanning all the word that i am reading. T.V on the other hand, you don’t have to use any mussels at all. You can just sit back and relax!


You know when you’re reading a book at night and there is not enough light? Well T.V. can produce light and is really entertaining!


My last reason is that T.V. is so much more entertaining than boring books, and  you can actually see was is going on! Well as non-entertaining books says something, an doesn’t show you what’s really happening and you just feel sad. 


These are the reasons why T.V. is so much better than boring old books!